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Getting ready for Shaping Futures 2016!

Henkel Beauty Care is proud to introduce Shaping Futures 2016. This is the fourth year that this programme is presented in South Africa and it promises to impact even more lives than before.

Shaping Futures, a global Schwarzkopf Professional initiative, aims to provide opportunities for passionate hairstylists from disadvantaged backgrounds. Since launching in November 2010, it has been introduced in 25 countries, benefiting more than 1 200 young adults and giving 250 dedicated volunteer trainers the opportunity to share their expertise.

Highlighting lessons from the hair salon

I guessed that the lady standing in the coffee shop doorway was Mankwane Chakela. There was something about the way she drew attention with her presence without speaking a word.

Sleek, well groomed ... everything about her said she knew something about beauty that you needed to know.

"I have always loved the beauty industry, but dabbled in many kinds of business before deciding to go with what I had a passion for," she said.

I was a little intimidated. Especially when she told me that she had just celebrated her 53rd birthday.

Our happy clients!

Since the inception of the Le Looks Beauty and Hair brand, we have not only endeavoured to become the salon of choice for all Africans, but we have also pursued an objective to become relevant in the space of media and entertainment in order for us to reach a wider audience. We have therefore had the privilege to provide hair and beauty services to shows like Rhythm City, Against All Odds on eNCA, i-Dentity, Scandal and Soweto TV to name a few.

It was important to us to communicate our skills and services with a wider audience in order for potential clients to see what we have to offer. It is with that vision in mind that we formed and continue to form partnerships with relevant shows where we can showcase what we do best, while also providing a service to all our happy clients!